For twenty years, Rosie’s Girls Camps have helped girls and gender non-conforming youth in 6th-8th grades develop grit, create connections and expand their sense of possibilities through hands-on exploration and learning of skills relevant to the building and welding trades. The program, which utilizes multiple STEM concepts, provides an important window into careers considered non-traditional for women, and delivered in a safe, welcoming space where girls can break down barriers, take positive risks and try new things. The program can also support school Career Pathways objectives and contribute to student Personalized Learning Plans. 

The Friendly Inn Enrichment Center was proud to bring Rosie’s Girls back to Cleveland August 2021.

This year the Rosie’s Girls was a 2-week session that focused on carpentry/building (Rosie’s Girls Build). With a 8:30am-4pm schedule that included shop time, social emotional lessons, lunch and snack breaks, fun and learning games, and down time for reflection. 


The Girls worked beside a carpenter to cut the wood for their projects, they learned how to use power tools, and assemble their projects. They made jewelry boxes and picture frames. They also learned social skills through engaging activities. 




  • Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Relationships 
  • Making Mistakes
  • Self Advocacy 
  • Self Care
  • We Stand Up


  • The goal for Rosie’s Girls is to empower and inspire young girls to be different and explore different things.
  • Afterschool program for Rosie’s Girls to continue to engage girls throughout the school year.
  • Expand from not only carpentry, but to other fields that have been non-traditional for women.  

To inquire, call (216) 431-7656 or email Yolanda Armstrong at